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Chuck Hatcher


Director of Photography

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Chuck Hatcher

Director of Photography
2nd Unit DP
Camera Operator
IA 600
Phone: 972•333•6071
Web Site:

25+ years experience as a Director of Photography on award winning feature films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and industrials. Awards for Music Videos include several "Best Music Video" at Worldfest Houston and CMA WINNER-"Video of the Year" 1997 among many others. Director/Camera on over 800 commercials all over the United States.   
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Cinematographer / Director of Photography
Don’t Look in the Basement 2 (Feature)
Charlie:  A Toy Story  (Feature)
Pearl (Feature)
The Split (TV Series)
The F.B.I. Files (TV Series)
The New Detectives (TV Series)
(2nd Unit) Children of the Corn: The Gathering (Feature)
(2nd Unit) Sweet Hideaway  (Feature)
(2nd Unit) Nashville Star – (TV Series) Baton Rouge Segment
(2nd Unit) R.O.T.O.R. (Feature)
Dirty Laundry (Short)
Over 50 Music Videos  (way too many to put here)
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Pie Five Pizza – Production Cartel  (Commercial) multiple spots
Barker Bariatric – Production Cartel  (Commercial) multiple spots
Cirro Energy-  CKing Productions (Commercial)  multiple spots
Care Now- CKing Productions (Commercial) multiple spots
Methodist Health Systems- CKing Productions (Commercial) multiple spots

Camera Operator
Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour DVD
Dallas - TV Series  (Day Play)
KISS Psycho Circus (remote head)
Pat Green MV (techno)
The Curse of Inferno (Day Play)
Walker, Texas Ranger (Day Play)